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BlackintonBadges2At  Blackinton®, we embrace our  American-manufacturing heritage.  We’re proud that our  badges are made in the  USA! 

Far-and-away the industry leader,  Blackinton® is the largest manufacturer of badges and uniform insignia. Each badge is  attentively crafted by uniquely skilled individuals – all in one secure facility  – achieving artistry in  metal.

Over 150 years ago Virgil H.  Blackinton inspired exacting standards that are strictly enforced to this day!  We combine old world craftsmanship and modern manufacturing technologies –  producing the world’s finest quality  badges and uniform  insignia.

Versatility, creativity, and expert  craftsmanship are Blackinton® hallmarks, and what  makes Blackinton® badges the number one choice of law enforcement  and public safety professionals!

Our  Tradition & Leadership….Your  Blackinton® Advantage….Since  1852.



HERO’S PRIDE is an industry leading supplier of embroidered patches and metal uniform badges and insignia sold exclusively to Uniform Stores and Authorized Resellers. The HERO’S PRIDE brand is unparalleled in quality, consistency and value.

* Please contact us for more styles and options for both Blackinton and Hero’s Pride*