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midforceMID-FORCE W/GRIP 1.5″ NH (38mm)
Automatic pressure control with a flow capacity of 70-200 gpm (265-760 l/min). Includes flush without shutting down, patented slide-type valve for turbulence-free flow control, six detent flow positions,  and “Gasket Grabber” inlet screen. Lightweight hardcoat anodized aluminum for maximum resistance to corrosion and wear. Pistol grip is mounted below the valve. Nozzle may be switched between standard 100 psi (7 bar) and low pressure. 1.5″ NH (38mm) swivel rocker lug coupling is standard.




thunderfogSelectable gallonage nozzle with five flow settings of 95, 125, 150, 200, and 250 gpm @ 100 psi (360-470-570-750-950 l/min @ 7 bar). All lightweight materials, hardcoat anodized aluminum. Flush without shutting down. Quick-change rear valve seat and stainless steel shut-off ball. Pistol grip is mounted below the valve. Rocker lug 1.5″ NH full-time swivel coupling is standard. FM Approved




Flow range up to 500 gpm (2000 l/min). The monitor features low friction inlet and outlet pivots. Outlet has built-in stream shaper. Elevation is manually adjustable between 10 and 86 degrees above horizontal. Horizontal rotation is manually adjustable 20 degrees either side of center. The SAFETY SHUT-OFF VALVE will shut off flow if monitor slides or lifts. It has six detent flow positions with a patented turbulence free slide valve for operator flow control. When the legs are folded, the carbide tips point up for carrying safety. The heavy-duty carbide tipped legs are easily folded out to a wide deployed stance.  Stowed in storage bracket overall size is 29.5″L x 8.1″W x 8.5″H (74.9 x 20.6 x 21.6 cm). Standard inlet is 2.5″ NH (65mm) rocker lug swivel coupling. Standard outlet is 2.5″ NH (65mm) rigid male threads.



can be connected to either a portable base or a truck with the adapters on page 79 or a TFT Extend-A-Gun with XL outlet on page 80. The connection is easy, positive, and visually verified. When in use, the release is “locked out” by water pressure. The waterway is a large 3.25″ (83mm) which lets the CROSSFIRE deliver up to 1250 gpm (4500 l/min) with low friction loss. Horizontal rotation is securely locked with a simple lever, and position can be visually confirmed. Only seven (7) turns of the handwheel change the discharge elbow from vertical to the stop elevation. Includes highly visible pressure gauge and built-in automatic drain valve. Standard outlet thread is male 2.5″ NH (65mm).



bubblecupBUBBLE CUP W/GRIP 1.5″ NH (38mm)
off ball and a twist “off” position for positive shut off. Pistol grip is mounted below the valve. Rocker lug 1.5″ NH (38mm) swivel is standard.







eductorEDUCTOR 60 GPM 1.5″FEMALE X 1.5″MALE W/36″ HOSE  .25% .5% 1% 3% 6%












G-Force® Nozzles: The Inside Story

Based on a highly customizable global nozzle platform design, the unique            G-Force® series of fixed, selectable, and automatic nozzles combine over 40 years of Task Force Tips design innovation and experience into true next generation firefighting tools.


Manufactured exclusively at TFT’s USA production facilities, the G-Force® series is supported by an extensive infrastructure of 24-hour technical service representatives, on-line documentation, digital video training library, exclusive product serialization and tracking capabilities, and a proven 5 year product warranty.


Incorporating unique performance components such as a stainless steel slide valve, inlet debris screen and protective fog pattern choices, the G-Force® series delivers high performance and rugged dependability in a low cost package.








The Task Force Tipss Transformer Piercing Nozzle is designed to deliver water or foam solutions to areas inaccessible to the firefighter. A series of jets near the point apply a wide reaching pattern at a rated flow of 150gpm at 100psi.new-force-web-transformer-configurations_07
The piercing nozzle system includes a unique twist-grip shutoff valve, a 3 port junction block with stricking head, 2 extension tubes and the flow tube with piercing point.
The easy to use and rugged, twist-grip shutoff valve, regulates nozzle flow without the need for an additional shutoff valve.
The 3 port junction block and strike head allow the nozzle to be configured to short, medium, long and L shaped combinations, making it easily adaptable to specific fireground situations.


The Transformer Piercing Nozzle features a hardened point, is constructed of hard coated extruded aluminum, and includes a sturdy canvas carrying bag with compartments for each component





PRO/pak Portable Multipurpose Foam System

propakTFT’s PRO/pak foam injection and application system is the ideal choice for rapid vapor suppression with any Class A, AFFF or Alcohol Resistant foam concentrate.
Everything yo need is contained in one package that attaches to the end of your 1″ or 1.5″ fire hose. The PRO/pak has a high impact 2.5 gallon foam reservoir with a built-in eductor that can be set to the ratio of foam or wetting agents being used. A large, easy-open fill port has an indicator to show the type of liquid in the tank. Flow is controlled by a twist grip valve that also functions as a carrying handle.
With three different quick connect nozzles included, the PRO/pak system is capable of producting low or medium expansion finished foam, while operating at low inlet pressures.




*Please contact us for more selections from the TFT Legacy and G Force Lines*