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Particulate Protection | Time Emergency

Why particulate protection?

  Multiple studies, including the NIOSH cancer study, have repeatedly demonstrated credible evidence and biologic creditability for statistically higher rates of multiple types of cancer in firefighters compared to the general American population including:
  • Testicular cancer (2.02 times greater risk)
  • Multiple myeloma (1.53 times greater risk)
  • Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (1.51 times greater risk)
  • Skin cancer (1.39 times greater risk)
  • Prostate cancer (1.28 times greater risk)
  • Malignant melanoma (1.31 times greater risk)
  • Brain cancer (1.31 times greater risk)
  • Colon cancer (1.21 times greater risk)
  • Leukemia (1.14 times greater risk)
  • Breast cancer in women (preliminary study results from the San Francisco Fire Department)*






As more research is being done into cancer in the fire services, it is also leading to breakthroughs in products that can help protect and lower firefighters exposures to harmful particulates. Time Emergency Equipment is proud to offer these products to you!


Gore Particulate Hood by Majestic Fire Apparel


Fire Wipes


Versitol turnout gear cleaner by  Winsol Labs

Today’s modern turnout gear is the principle barrier between the firefighter and extreme danger! Toxic residues and dangerously combustible hydrocarbon deposits become embedded in the fabric of the turnout and pose a constant threat to the firefighter as long as they remain. Heavy hydrocarbon deposits can absorb as much as 30% more radiant heat as clean, light colored turnouts! And sooty hydrocarbon buildup could ignite, raising temperatures even higher!
WINSOL VERSITOL was constructed with consideration to the manufacturers of the specialized fibers used in turnouts. It was designed using safe, effective chelates, sequestriants, and surfactants which, when used in a routine maintenance program, will reduce or eliminate much of the visible hydrocarbons and the toxins contained therein.
VERSITOL is designed to be safe when used by hand or, if commercial washers are available, to be used in machine washing. Either way, VERSITOL can restore most of the garment’s original protective properties designed to protect the professional firefighter.

“Using VERSITOL will restore much of the original fabric integrity you use turnouts for!”


  •  Economical, VERSITOL will wash up to 64 complete sets of turnouts
  •  Safely cleans all washable materials including Kevlar®, Nomex®, duck, nylon, leather, PBI®, Hypalon®, nitrile rubber, fiberglass,     Polycarbonate® helmets and more!
  •  When cleaned, light colored garments will reflect up to 30% more radiant heat
  •  Removes much of the visible hydrocarbons and the toxins they contain

Turnout Gear Cleaner by Stevens

Combustible hydrocarbon deposits and toxic residue can become embedded in all Turn-Out Gear fabric and pose a constant threat to the firefighter as long as they remain. Hydrocarbon deposits can absorb as much as 30% more radiant heat as clean, light-colored Turn-Out Gear. Stevens Turn-Out Gear Cleaner has a proven track. Remember dirty gear lowers the reflectance, thus, decreasing safety factor proportionally.

Product Capabilities

Gear Washer by READY RACK





  *Taking Action Against Cancer in the Fire Service, August 2013 (v2)