Streamlight Waypoint

Handheld and powerful, the Streamlight Waypoint pistol-grip spotlight offers high and low intensity modes, emergency signal mode, and the latest waypoint_yellowin power LED technology. The spotlight provides portability and long runtime using 4 C-sized alkaline batteries or endless runtime with the 12-volt DC power cord. And its weight-balanced design virtually eliminates user hand fatigue.

The Waypoint’s deep-dish parabolic reflector produces a long range targeting beam with optimum peripheral illumination, and its optimized electronics provides regulated intensity. It’s water resistant (IPX4 rating) and its high-impact polycarbonate housing has been tested for a 1-meter impact resistance. In addition to its handheld, pistol-grip trigger operation, the Waypoint has an integrated stand for hands-free scene lighting. Other features include an unbreakable polycarbonate lens, O-ring seal, and removable lanyard. It’s a great choice for law enforcement, search and rescue, security, and recreational applications.




Streamlight Knucklehead Articulating Head LED Work Light with Clip, Alkaline

The Knucklehead is a lightweight and handheld work light featuring an extremely strong (removable) magnet with 135-pound pull strength, the 31+4jRVvh5Llatest in C4 power LED technology, microprocessor controlled high and low intensity modes, emergency flash and moonlight mode. A rubber dome push-button actuator is easy to operate, even when wearing heavy gloves. An alligator clip can be used to attach the light to turnout gear. The magnet and clip give first responders a variety of ways to target bright white light. It can also stand on its own or be laid on its side; and with a 210-degree articulating head that rotates 360-degrees. Incredibly versatile, the Knucklehead is designed to put light where it’s needed. The Knucklehead is perfect for use in automotive, industrial safety, public works and utilities, fire and rescue and more.


Streamlight Survivor

SURV A lightweight, hand-held personal light with right angle head designed for use in hazardous locations. It features a bright piercing beam that cuts through smoke, fog and mist for greater visibility. The Survivor LED also has a spring-loaded clip that grabs onto gear for easy, hands-free use.





Streamlight Vantage

Lightweight, compact and low profile, the Vantage helmet mounted tactical light has been designed to easily attach above or below full brim Fire vantageand Industrial helmets. The light features the latest in power LED technology combined with an ultra-bright blue LED safety tail light. Powered by lithium batteries, the C4 LED technology produces 2 to 3 times the output of previous LEDs. Sealed for water-resistance.



The Siege by Streamlight

siegeThe Siege Lantern features five C4 power LEDs, four white and one red with five output modes and a battery level indicator built into the on/off button. With the outer lantern globe in place, the light will float. Use the lantern with or without the outer globe cover. Remove the outer globe and hang the body upside down by the D-ring for large area lighting needs. Battery replacement is a breeze with the center-post orienting the battery cover correctly every time.




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Command 10 Fire Headlamp

COMMAND 2048 torch lumen compact LED firefighter helmet light offering focused and panoramic lighting. Runs on 4 AAs with a (flashing) rear red safety LED to help be seen on scene.
Light used in structual firefighting, wildland firefighting, USAR (search and rescue), EMS

Fits most fire helmets.

SideSlide C-Clamp Side Mounted Helmet Light

SIDESLIDE200 torch lumen flashlight with innovative helmet adaptor that allows use as a side mounted helmet light. Flashlight runs on either 2 CR123 batteries or one rechargeable 18650 battery. C-clamp design securely attaches to firefighter helmets and full brim style hard hats. Unique SideSlide locking mechanismholds flashlight securely in helmet adaptor.

LIGHT USED IN: structual firefighting, wildland firefighting, USAR (search and rescue), industrial applications

Breakthrough BT3 LED Right Angle Light 

BREAKTHROUGHAdvanced smoke cutting BreakthroughTM BT3 LED firefighter right angle light with an orange exterior. Features FoxFury’s smoke piercing SMO-KUT technology. The 600 torch lumen BT3 is an invaluable lighting tool for wildland and structural firefighting and rescue applications. This powerful spotlight is better at illuminating a larger area downrange (than the BT2).  Has extra thick body to better resist fire / heat.





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