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Chain Saws vs Cut Off Saws

Super Vac Chain Saws are the first choice of many departments to tackle a variety of operations including cutting through residential roofing, removing downed trees, and more.

Chain Saws can come with choice of a full wrap depth guard for added protection or the Quick Silver depth guard for ease of use and reduced weight.

Cut Off Saws from Super Vac come standard with a Tiger Tooth diamond blade specifically designed to rip through, concrete, steel, rebar, aluminum, along with residential and commercial roofing.


Chain_CutOff (1)



The SVC4 is the perfect combination of strength and mobility in a rescue cut off saw.  Proven ability to cut concrete, asphalt, stone, steel, rebar, aluminum, commercial roofing and more.

SVC4 Features

Tiger Tooth Diamond Studded Blade – specifically designed for the toughest of jobs

Easy Start – Spring assisted starter and primer pump combined with optimized engine management signitificantly reduces resistance

Touch & Stop – one lever control with clearly defined positions for cold starting, operation and stop. Engines shuts off with just a touch

Aluminum Pull Handle – durable and designed with thick rescue gloves in mind

Ultimate Debris System – dirt/debris separation rate of 90%

Vertical Fuel Filling – prevents spilling, built in window to check fuel level on the fly

Multi-Ribbed Belt – for high power transmission and endurance

Water Supply Inlet – with intake filter and fine adjustmend for adequate dust protection

2 Year Warranty





The SV3-16 is a high power, reliable chain saw made for venting and rescue operations.   Proven ability to cut layered residential roofing, downed trees and building materials.

SVC3-16 Features

Full Wrap Depth Gauge – added safety, set from 0? to 8?

Chisel Chain – .404 carbide tooth chain takes big bites out or multiple layers

Easy Start – includes momentary contact switch that leaves the saw in the ON position, a compression release that reduces cylinder pressure by 50% and a choke knob that simultaneously sets the throttle and choke

Aluminum Pull Handle – durable and designed with thick rescue gloves in mind

Airmaster Filtration System – 3 chambered sytem stops large particles before they reach the secondary filter

Full Wrap Handle – makes front facing and overhead operations easier

Lateral Chain Tensioning – developed for fast, and on-the-go adjustments

2 Year Warranty



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VentMaster 3120K Cutoff Saw

This 119cc saw is one of the most powerful handheld power cutters. The 3120K has a rugged and powerful engine that can handle deep cutting applications with blade diameters up to 16?. Equipped with a centrifugal air cleaning system for longer intervals between filter cleanings, smoother operation and reduced wear. A compression release button reduces the amount of force required to get the saw started. A D-Ring Starter Handle makes the saw easy to crank while wearing heavy gloves. A 180-degree reversible cutting arm allows cutting within one inch of walls, curbs, or vertical obstructions. Ideal for tight confined space situations that require awkward cutting angles.

Additional Features

  • VentMaster Diamond Cutoff Saw Blades
  • KIS-360 Depth Gauge
  • Wet Kit
  • Stabilizing Roller Assembly
  • Active Air Filtration™
  • D-Ring Starter Handle
  • DuraStarter™
  • SmartCarb™





The VentMaster 576-HD and 365-HD are the TOUGHEST fire rescue chain saws on the market today. Strong and durable to protect the saw during extreme
cutting. Mounted with aviation-style star washers to
prevent loosening due to vibration. Angled ergonomic handle allows safe operation in
any position and protects saw from damage. Combined Choke/Throttle Lock/Stop Switch
eliminates flooding and allows fast, convenient
starting and One Push positive stop, even with gloves. Valve reduces cylinder pressure for less starting
resistance and easier starts.






Warthog Ventilation Blade Warthog-Blade

Nothing Cuts Like A Warthog
The Warthog is a carbide tip saw blade designed especially for fire department venting operations. Be it floors, walls or roofs, the Warthog’s aggressive tooth design cuts through roofing materials, wood flooring and siding like a hot knife through butter.

The aggressive tooth design of the Warthog blade easily and quickly cuts through roofing materials, wood flooring and siding. Heavy duty construction helps prevent tip loss, the major problem with standard carbide tip saw blades. Each oversized carbide tip is mounted to the blade by a special process. This cushions the tip mounting and makes this blade the most durable (and probably the last) ventilation saw blade you will ever buy.